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Knowledge Circle, the Ottawa-based company, is the company behind With over two decades of expertise, we’ve been the go-to language training provider for federal government employees across Canada since 1994.

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English Private Classes

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Knowledge Circle Learning Services Inc. has been offering language training services to federal government employees, both privately and in groups, for over 20 years:
From January 1994 to October 2003 (9 years, 10 months), under the name Geoffrey Harrington Eden: Consultant (registered in the province of Ontario), we provided language training services to the federal public service. Geoffrey Harrington Eden is the president of Knowledge Circle Learning Services Inc. From November 2003 to the present (20 years), operating under the name of Knowledge Circle Learning Services Inc. (Federal Incorporation), offering language training to the federal public service.
In 1998, Public Works and Government Services Canada issued its Notice of Certification and Attestation as a provider of language training services (number ONT15).

The Instructors
One of the most important keys to our success is the quality of our instructors. We select top-tier instructors to offer our clients high-quality training. All instructors are respected professionals with excellent credentials and a passion for teaching and facilitating learning. In their areas of expertise, our trainers bring extensive experience to the learning environment, as well as a commitment to the success of learners.
Knowledge Circle is committed to providing its trainers with the necessary tools to help them excel. We offer full-time permanent positions.
The instructors work as a team with clients in group or private training settings. They collaborate with each other and with learners to create learning plans tailored to individual needs. In this way, learners benefit from the experiences and approaches of the entire team of instructors, who are in turn supported by our team of educational advisors and our administrative team. The quality of our instructors is complemented by their professional environment, allowing us to offer our learners exceptional language training.

Our Approach
Knowledge Circle recognizes that learning is a dynamic process that involves not only training but also active participation. Our goal is to offer a high-quality, learner-centered learning experience that provides lasting benefits to both learners and their employers.
Knowledge Circle uses a variant of the communicative approach to second language acquisition: contextualization. Contextualized learning emphasizes the importance of situation and language use. The first step in a contextualized learning plan is to introduce the linguistic function or structure in question in a situation familiar to the learner and meaningful to them. The use of authentic material (text, audio, video) is key to this stage. Once the learner understands the situation in which the linguistic function is used, the instructor isolates the function and provides a more theoretical explanation of it according to the learner’s learning style. Once the learner grasps the concept abstractly, the instructor returns to the initial situation, and the learner explains why and how this context is related to the generalized rule. The next step is for the instructor to guide the learner toward other uses of the same function, and for the learner to create something unique with it (both orally and in writing) to consolidate learning. The function in question becomes truly acquired, rather than merely learned.

Our Successes
Knowledge Circle offers language training to individuals aiming to achieve a level B or C in the two official languages. Over the years, we have worked hard to refine our assessments so that we can provide precise recommendations to our potential learners. For learners who accept our recommendations and follow our full-time language training program, we currently have a success rate of 92.5%.
We have successfully organized and delivered language training as part of major national standing offer projects such as P.I.F.L.O/O.L.I.T.P (over 1400 learners per month), which were part-time training in French and English in individual and group contexts.

La certification OLT-2016™ est une certification de personnel.
Elle atteste que les professeurs de langue seconde ont reçu la formation en adéquation avec les exigences et les caractéristiques définies dans le référentiel.

Avec la certification OLT-2016, MyLearningMyWay veut montrer que l’entreprise est dans une démarche non seulement de qualité, mais également d’évaluation et d’assurance de la qualité. Cela signifie en outre qu’elle tâche de se conformer à des procédures de références, faisant autorité au niveau international.

It is intended to provide quality online training to learners.
Although there is an obvious difference between offline training and online training, there are a lot of similarities as well.

Online teaching provides ways for instructors to expand their professional roles. In addition, instructors can teach to their passions, rather than leaving teaching for administrative positions or new challenges outside the field.