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Which product is the best for me?

Choose the Online training membership plan that best matches your needs. Do you need to do your Reading Comprehension Test soon? Then choose the Reading Test Preparation Package. Do you need to do all three tests (Reading, Written & Oral)? Then, save money by purchasing the Test Preparation Collection (Reading, Written & Oral). If you’re looking to learn the language, choose a membership for Level B or C so that you have access to as many of our tools as you can.

What is my level?

Only the Public Service Commission can award you a linguistic level for your profile. You can get an idea by doing some practice tests or by buying a full assessment from Knowledge Circle or another second language training provider that specializes in helping federal public servants achieve their language levels.

What is the Test Preparation Collection Membership?

Test Preparation Collection membership is a combination of all of our test preparation packages, the Oral, Reading, and Writing Test Preparation, ideal for anyone preparing for all three Second Language Evaluation exams.

You have the choice between the Basic and Premium package.

Basic is a collection of 8 oral simulations, 6 reading tests, 6 writing tests, 16 short messages, 16 short conversations, 10 long conversations, Mastering Part 1, Mastering Part 2, Essential Grammar, and Essential Vocabulary for $245 and 5 months of access.

For an additional $90, you receive 6 month of access, 16 oral simulations, 11 practice tests, 12 writing tests, 48 short messages, 48 short conversations, 30 long conversation, Mastering Part 1, Mastering Part 2, Essential Grammar, and Essential Vocabulary.

How Will I Learn?

MyLearningMyWay is one of the best English and French language training in Ottawa. The objective of this software is to asure that your Online language learning and successful Online language testing is consistent accuracy in your responses. Through the MyLearningMyWay Online program, you’ll easily achieve, consistency through repetition and practice, this program is available on all devices and platforms (Android, Apple, BB, PC, Tablets…) .

More details about the program is available in the Tutorial section.

Can I hire a teacher to help me? Can I use this program with a tutor?

Of course you can. Click here for a registration form to book time with a Knowledge Circle MyLearningMyWay certified instructor.

What if I don’t understand a question?

The instructions are all in English and you can read them or listen to them. The exercises are in French and you can read or listen to them as well – as many times as you want. The exercises are in French and you can also read or listen to them as many times as you want.

How do I know if I get the right answer?

Every quiz/test and exercise will indicate whether your answer is right or wrong. If you get a wrong answer, you’ll see the correct answer and a pop-up tutorial will give you the explanation.

How do I know if I am progressing?

The progress bar tracks how many lessons or courses or quizzes you’ve done. The management tool tracks your overall work and your scores on the various quizzes. So you’ll be able to see, for example, if your score has increased on the written tests as you go through the package.

Where is the material from?

All the exercises in MyLearningMyWay come from the experienced team of Knowledge Circle Learning Services. We have designed exercises that use relevant grammatical structures and pertinent vocabulary.

Your skills are optimized to work immediately and easily in a professional environment and easily.

How long should I study for? How often should I study?

The answer really depends on what your goal is. If you need to do one of the Second Language Evaluation (ESL) and only have a little time to prepare, then do at least 5 practice tests and make sure that you are well-rested and able to perform on the day of your exam. Last-minute cramming isn’t our recommendation. If you have more time, then consistency is the key to successful part-time training. Aim for the same number of hours each week, at the same time. For example, 30 minutes 5 times per week, or 2 hours twice per week. Whatever fits your schedule and your goals! With MyLearningMyWay, you’ll improve – how much and how fast, is up to you.

How do I take notes?

At any point, you will be able to take notes concerning your training. These notes can be reviewed at any time. To take a note, click on the Take Notes tab at the bottom of any page. You will be able to customize the note with a title and subject.

In order to review your notes, mouse over the ‘Home’ tab and click on My Notes. When reviewing notes, you can go directly to the test where the note was taken. Taking notes is an important part of language training. It is very useful for building vocabulary and new concepts.

All your notes are securely saved to your profile, no one else has access to them.


What is To Level B Membership?Expand

An efficient and structured online training to achieve your Level B.

To Level B membership is broken down into:

  • Introduction to French, a great introduction for true beginners
  • Unit 1 to 4, the core of our program. Each unit is broken down into 40 lessons that consist of 3 to 5 topics (Grammar, Pronunciation, Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Oral)
    (each unit could be done and completed separately, but for each one you will be asked to pass the prerequisite test of the preceding unit)
  • Test Preparation, where you will use everything you have learned to help you for your Reading, Writing, and Oral SLE exams

Where should I start?

This membership (To Level B) is composed of 7 courses from Introduction to French to Unit 4,

each unit could be done and completed separately, but for each one you will be asked to pass the prerequisite test of the preceding unit.

Once you have completed Unit 4 you are ready to start the Test Preparation courses (Written and/or Oral).

Take the SELF-ASSESSMENT test to know your level and which Unit you can start!

How many hours do I need with an instructor?

You have 200 Virtual Classroom hours included in the membership. Here is the Virtual Classroom classes/hours breakdown for each courses:

CourseNb of Virtual ClassroomVirtual Classroom DurationTotal Hours
Introduction to FrenchN/AN/AN/A
Unit 14045 min30 hours
Unit 24045 min30 hours
Unit 34045 min30 hours
Unit 44045 min30 hours
Written Test Prep660 min6 hours
Oral Test Prep6060 min60 hours
Bank Hours*1460 min14 hours*
TOTAL200 hours

*14 hours are available at anytime at your convenience. We advise you to use those hours in case:

  1. you are stuck in your learning progression and you need to spend more time with an instructor;
  2. you would like to review specific items at the end of a Unit;
  3. you would like to have more Virtual Classrooms in the Written Test Prep course;
  4. you feel you might take twice the Test of oral Proficiency and you would like to have Virtual Classrooms.

When to schedule a Virtual Classroom?

Throughout your training, you will have more than 200 hours in the virtual classroom. These hours can be scheduled at anytime, 24 hours/7 days a week.

Although you can cancel (refer to, Can I cancel a scheduled Oral practice class/Virtual Classroom?) 24 hours in advance, we recommend you schedule your class (refer to, How to schedule an Oral practice class/Virtual Classroom?) at least 1 week in advance.

To maximize your training, we recommend finding a consistent schedule that fits your schedule. Whether that be 1 virtual class, 3 virtual classes, or 7 virtual classes per week. Creating a consistent schedule will help keep you focused and on track to achieving your levels.

How to schedule an Oral practice class/ Virtual Classroom?

It’s simple! Just pick the day and time you are available.

Whenever you are ready to take your oral practice classes, click on the button in your Homepage or mouse over Virtual Classroom in the menu and click on Schedule a Virtual Classroom.

Can I cancel a scheduled Oral practice class/ Virtual Classroom?

Yes, the cancellation policy is 24 business hours.

Go to the CANCEL A SESSION page. To cancel any session, please click on the CANCEL button.

How can I cancel my monthly membership?


When a member who has an active monthly subscription requests to cancel it, the account will be automatically cancel when the cancellation date arrives. The cancellation date is determined at the time the account is requested to be canceled and depends on where the member is in the subscription. For example, if a member cancels halfway through the month, the cancellation date will be set for approximately 15 days in the future.

If you do decide to cancel your monthly membership you can do so on MY ACCOUNT page.

Monthly Fee or One-Time Payment?

We all learn in a different way, at a different pace but it is important to study every day!

Monthly instructor classesIllimited
Schedule as many Virtual Classrooms as you need monthly.
16 Virtual Classrooms*
You can schedule a maximum of 16 Virtual Classrooms* monthly.
Study HoursUp to 6 hours a day, 7 days a week
Flexible and intensive
Up to 2 hours a day, 5 days a week
Busy schedule and part-time
Duration10 monthsOpen Ended
Access to all coursesYesYes
Practice TestsYesYes

* Feel you need more? You can add extra hours with our Virtual Classroom Request at anytime!

How to improve my French pronunciation?

EZ-SPEAK™ is a Knowledge Circle innovation only available in To Level B membership!

In order to communicate with others, we need to know how to recognize the different phonemes and pronounce them correctly. EZ-SPEAK™ offers this and much more !

You’ll find a variety of original interactive learning activities, for both English native speakers wishing to learn French as a second language, and students whose mother tongue is of different families: the Indo-European one (German, Italic, Slavic, Indo-Iranian and Greek branches), the Uralic, the Altaic, the Japanese, the Korean, the Sino-Tibetan and the Afro-Asiatic.

In fact, two people studying French will not have the same pronunciation problems if their mother tongues are different. Therefore, a person whose mother tongue is Spanish will have difficulties with most French vowels (the/ y/, the mid vowels and the nasal vowels), whereas an English native speaker will have issues concerning the prosodic phonemes (vowel and consonant linking), the vowel /o/ (tendancy to diphtongize it), the compound vowels, the nasal vowels (tendancy to desanalize them), the /R/ and the semi-consonants.

EZ-SPEAK™ allots one chapter to each one of these difficulties.

The EZ-SPEAK support proper allows for great flexibility in your learning process: the learner can easily stop at any point, start over a section less understood, redo an exercise and return to a previous explanation. He or she can constantly check the pronunciation of different words. The listening activities are appealing, motivating and relevant; they can be done in a short time, allowing the learner to remain active and receptive.

EZ-SPEAK therefore takes full advantage of the interactivity and the multi-media, two characteristics proper to language courses.

Troubleshooting – Unable to access the Virtual Classroom

IssuePossible CausesSolutions
Why can’t I access ?
  1. Your computer doesn’t meet the requirements.
  2. Your web browser is outdated.
  3. Firewall issues.
  1. Verify your computer meets the following requirements.
  2. Download Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  3. Contact your IT support services to allow access to the website.
Why can’t I login?
  1. Ensure you are inputting the correct account information from the confirmation e-mail.
  1. Contact us.
Why does it say, “Your live class is over” when I click on my class?
  1. The class was ended prematurely.
  1. Contact us.
Why do I get a message, “You have been signed out of the session”, when I try to join an online class?
  1. Someone else has signed in with the same account information.
  1. Contact us.
Why do I keep hearing an echo when I try to use the audio-video feature of the Virtual Classroom?
  1. The microphone is picking up sound from the speakers because microphone and speakers are not set up properly.
  2. If you hear your own audio back as echo, the problem is likely at the other end (attendee with audio controls). If other attendees are experiencing echo, then the echo is likely coming either from your side or any other attendee’s side (attendee with audio controls).
  3. You haven’t selected Reduce Echo option in Adobe Flash Player’s microphone settings.
  1. If you are using an external microphone, keep it at least 10-12 inches away from your speakers. Try reducing the volume level of the microphone to 50% or turn off the microphone boost.
  2. Try using headphones, preferably a USB headset, instead of the usual speakers and microphone.
  3. Make sure that the Reduce Echo option in Adobe Flash Player’s microphone settings is selected.
I added a USB microphone/camera to my computer during a live class, but the device didn’t work. How can I make the device work?
  1. Computer doesn’t recognize the new device.
  1. Refresh the Virtual Classroom by pressing the F5 key on your computer after adding the new device in order to activate it or leave the live class and launch it again.
Why isn’t my microphone working in the Virtual Classroom?
  1. Microphone isn’t connected properly.
  2. Another microphone has been selected as the default microphone.
  3. Another application is using it simultaneously.
  1. Unplug and re-plug the microphone.
  2. In the device settings, select the correct microphone from the dropdown menu. If the dropdown list is empty, install a suitable driver for your microphone, which is compatible with your system.
  3. Go to the volume settings and choose the correct microphone as the default.
Why isn’t my speaker working in the Virtual Classroom?
  1. Speakers aren’t connected properly.
  2. Speakers are muted.
  3. Speaker volume is low.
  1. Unplug and re-plug the speaker.
  2. Go to the volume settings and uncheck the mute button.
  3. Go to the volume settings and turn up the volume.
Why isn’t my camera working in the Virtual Classroom?
  1. The camera isn’t connected properly.
  2. Another camera has been selected as the default camera.
  3. Another application is using it simultaneously.
  1. Unplug and re-plug the camera.
  2. In the device settings, select the correct camera from the dropdown menu. If the dropdown list is empty, install a suitable driver for your camera, which is compatible with your system.
  3. Go to the device settings, select the correct camera as the default.
Why is the audio and video quality not good?
  1. Slow internet connection.
  1. Switch to a high-speed internet connection.