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Short Audio 3

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Short Audio 3

Duration: 4h30

Short audio messages and conversations is a very useful tool for Part 2 of the oral test and is the perfect add-on to EZ T.O.P.

Vocabulaire: Level B
Comprehension: Level B
Oral: Level B


The Short Audio: Messages and Conversations is a very useful tool for learners preparing for Part 2 of the oral test and is the perfect add-on to EZ T.O.P™.

Messages and Conversations provides an extensive audio library of 16 messages and 16 short conversations as well as examples of questions that could be asked during the second part of the test.

INFO In Part 2 of the test, the learner listens to two short voice-mail messages and two short work-related conversations. After listening to each recording twice, the learner is asked to do the following:

  1. summarize the recording;
  2. identify the reason for the call or the conversation; or
  3. what needs to be done or what help is being offered.
  • 16 messages (Audio recordings, transcripts)
  • 16 short conversations (Audio recordings, transcripts)