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EZ-Talk is a very intuitive and friendly tool to help you with the Talk in Part 3 of Oral Proficiency Test. Prepare yourself properly with EZ-Talk so that you can make a 3-minute presentation on any topic. This application is an exclusive MLMW product that is perfect to get your B level and reduce the stress level during your preparation for the test.

Vocabulaire: Advanced (Level B)
Grammaire: Advanced (Level B)
Comprehension: Advanced
Oral: Level B
Watch Video Tutorial

EZ-Talk™ Video Tutorial


EZ-Talk™ allows you to work on the main topics covered during the official test in Part 3 (the assessor proposes three topics for the talk.)

“…but I don’t know what to say about it!”

How many times have candidates asked us for a dedicated tool for part 3 of the test! A tool that allows you to present all the ideas, vocabulary and grammatical structures to be able to meet the expectations of the assessor.
EZ-Talk™ helps you to be well prepared and thus reduce the negative effects of stress.

This interactive and unique tool is the only one of its kind in the world, designed and developed in Canada for federal government employees and all those who need to achieve a B (or C level) in the test of oral proficiency.

EZ-Talk™ can be used for self-study or with an instructor.

  • Hundreds of questions are available for each competency.
  • Hundreds of audio recordings
  • 14 topics covered : Stress, Teleworking, Project management, HR…
  • Unlimited number of Talk: saving your selected sequences per topic

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