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Duration: 16hr

EZ-SPEAK™ is a Knowledge Circle innovation. In order to communicate with others, we need to know how to recognize the different phonemes and pronounce them correctly. EZ-SPEAK™ offers this and much more !

Vocabulaire: Level A
Grammaire: Level A/Level B
Prononciation: Level A
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You’ll find a variety of original interactive learning activities, for both English native speakers wishing to learn French as a second language, and students whose mother tongue is of different families: the Indo-European one (German, Italic, Slavic, Indo-Iranian and Greek branches), the Uralic, the Altaic, the Japanese, the Korean, the Sino-Tibetan and the Afro-Asiatic.

In fact, two people studying French will not have the same pronunciation problems if their mother tongues are different. Therefore, a person whose mother tongue is Spanish will have difficulties with most French vowels (the/ y/, the mid vowels and the nasal vowels), whereas an English native speaker will have issues concerning the prosodic phonemes (vowel and consonant linking), the vowel /o/ (tendancy to diphtongize it), the compound vowels, the nasal vowels (tendancy to desanalize them), the /R/ and the semi-consonants.

EZ-SPEAK™ allots one chapter to each one of these difficulties.

The EZ-SPEAK™ support proper allows for great flexibility in your learning process: the learner can easily stop at any point, start over a section less understood, redo an exercise and return to a previous explanation. He or she can constantly check the pronunciation of different words. The listening activities are appealing, motivating and relevant; they can be done in a short time, allowing the learner to remain active and receptive.

EZ-SPEAK™ therefore takes full advantage of the interactivity and the multi-media, two characteristics proper to language courses.

  • 11 Challenging Sounds (Vowels & Consonants)
  • Liaison & Sequences
  • Quebec French
  • Phonetic activities: listening, repeat and practice
  • Exclusive: we have included grammar at the end of each chapter to make learning the sounds more practical.

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11 Challenging Sounds (Vowels & Consonants)
Liaison & Sequences