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B2-reading (To Level B 2/3)

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B2-reading (To Level B 2/3)

Duration: 60h

This course is dedicated to the final preparation of the test of reading comprehension. It includes 20 classes and all the tools to obtain level B including full practice tests.

Vocabulaire: 20
Grammaire: 10h
Comprehension: 20h
Oral: 10h
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B2-reading (To Level B 2/3) Video Tutorial


1- Reading comprehension
Reading activities (work-related documents) are to be planned to improve rapid analysis of sentence elements and to give the learner enough time to complete the exam. 16 reading comprehension tests and 10 guided reading activities are available.
2- Grammar
Possible activities to the extent that sentence comprehension is used to understand a statement.
3- Vocabulary
Professional vocabulary must be reinforced, enriched and diversified.

Our French Training Programme is broken down into:
– Introduction to French A0, a great introduction for true beginners
– To Level A 1 to 3, Beginner Level.

– To Level B 1 to 3, Intermediate Level.

– To Level C 1 to 3, Advanced Level.

Each course is broken down into 40 classes that consist of 3 to 5 topics (Grammar, Pronunciation, Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Oral)

Total classes404040404040404040
PFL2B&COF#1-12OF#13-22OF#23-33OF#34-40Written PrepELS prepEtape 1Etape 2Etape 3
S.L.ELevel ALevel BLevel C

In addition to the practice tests that you will find in this course, we offer 6 additional 60 question tests that you can take outside of your training hours. These tests are optional, but the more tests you take, the more you will confirm your level and decrease the stress level during the test.

Course Content

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20 Classes
Additional Full Practice Tests