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B1: Improving conversational skills

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B1: Improving conversational skills

Duration: 90h

Vocabulaire: 30h
Grammaire: 15h
Comprehension: 15h
Oral: 30h

Step 4 of the program will allow you to perfect your mastery of French in a professional context. You will be able to communicate with ease and precision in complex and demanding situations.

Training Objectives (33 to 40):

  1. Understand and produce specialized texts.
  2. Write quality professional documents.
  3. Conduct research and information monitoring in French.
  4. Participate in meetings and conferences in French.
  5. Lead training sessions and workshops in French.
  6. Negotiate contracts and agreements in French.
  7. Manage projects and teams in French.
  8. Interact with clients and partners in French.

By following B1, you will be able to:

  • Understand and analyze complex professional documents.
  • Write high-quality reports, presentations, and professional emails.
  • Conduct research and find relevant information in French.
  • Actively participate in meetings and conferences in French.
  • Lead training sessions and workshops effectively in French.
  • Successfully negotiate contracts and agreements in French.
  • Manage projects and teams efficiently in French.
  • Interact with clients and partners professionally in French.

This program is designed for people who:

  • Already have a good command of basic professional French.
  • Want to improve their French skills to excel in their careers.
  • Hold positions or functions that require frequent use of French.

If you are ready to take your career to new heights by mastering French, B1 is the ideal option for you.

Total classes505040404040404040
S.L.ELevel ALevel BLevel C

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